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Mini Pocket Golf Brush

Mini Pocket Golf Brush

Introducing the Mini Pocket Golf Brush – your compact companion for on-the-go golf course maintenance. This handy tool combines functionality with convenience, ensuring your golf equipment stays clean and performing at its best, wherever you are on the course.


  • Brass Brush: The Mini Pocket Golf Brush features a high-quality brass brush that efficiently removes dirt, grass, and debris from your club heads. The durable brass bristles ensure thorough cleaning without damaging your clubs.

  • Plastic Brush: For delicate surfaces or areas requiring a softer touch, the plastic brush is perfect. It gently sweeps away dirt and grime from your club faces and grooves, leaving them clean and ready for that perfect shot.

  • Plastic Pick: Equipped with a plastic pick, this pocket golf brush allows you to clear out stubborn debris from grooves and other hard-to-reach areas with ease. The pick ensures optimal performance and precision when cleaning your clubs.

  • Pocketability: Compact and lightweight, the Mini Pocket Golf Brush easily fits into your pocket or golf bag, making it convenient to carry around during your rounds. Its portable design ensures you have quick access to cleaning tools whenever you need them, without adding bulk to your gear.

Whether you're on the fairway or the rough, the Mini Pocket Golf Brush is the ideal solution for keeping your clubs in top condition. With its brass brush, plastic brush, plastic pick, and pocket-friendly design, it's a must-have accessory for any golfer serious about maintaining peak performance on the course.

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